The main artist and original owner (2010-2017) of Pineal Paradise has created a new art apparel company called Sacral Stitches!
It was just launched and there are only pre-orders available at this time, however there will be lots of Pineal Paradise inventory uploaded in the coming months for purchase.
If you loved Pineal Paradise, I assure you, you will be equally, or more so fond, of Sacral Stitches.

I will be upholding my original intentions and quailty production that I started Pineal with.
Please pass along the word to friends and family who have also grown fond of Pineal Paradise over the years. I'm not done yet! ∞♥ Cherish

Pineal Paradise is a completely customized company,
everything from the artwork, design layouts, and even down to the sizing!

Due to the customization of my brand being designed for our main purpose of vending at festivals I've created a sizes chart that covers a wide range of size with only offering 4 cuts.
In the description of the items I urge shoppers to be sure to check the size chart due to this customization.

Pineal Paradise's products are printed using a fairly new technique called
Cut & Sew Dye Sublimation Printing
allowing for consistent maximum image quality.

This process requires the use of a Polyester material as the ink is heated to the point that it becomes a gas and is pressed into the fibers, not on top of like most printing processes. However, this is not the kind of polyester your grandparents are used to. This polyester is a breathable material that is actually the same material used for many athletic jerseys allowing the shirt to dry in minutes. The best part about these apparel items are all the things they do not do! They do not fade, crack, shrink, or wrinkle! Great for throwing in your pack & pulling on when the sun is the hottest & your nights are the longest.

Our main goal is to provide our supporters with the best quality products with impeccable image quality for fair prices.

All items will fair best with a cold wash and drip dry. 

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