The main artist and original owner (2010-2017) of Pineal Paradise has created a new art apparel company called Sacral Stitches! It was just launched and there are only pre-orders available at this time, however there will be lots of Pineal Paradise inventory uploaded in the coming months for purchase. If you loved Pineal Paradise, I assure you, you will be equally, or more so fond, of Sacral Stitches.

I will be upholding my original intentions and quailty production that I started Pineal with.
Please pass along the word to friends and family who have also grown fond of Pineal Paradise over the years. I'm not done yet! ∞♥ Cherish

What Pineal Paradise was:

Pineal Paradise is the dream of an artistically inclined, free-spirited couple.
Pineal Paradise started as a moniker for Cherish Danford given to her by her partner and muse, Drew Miniear, while he signed her up for an online store as a surprise for her one day in early 2010. From there it grew and evolved into an apparel company for Cherish's creations to get her works off the walls and out into the streets for more to enjoy, now she is even designing some of the apparel items! As the company grew we have extended our services of producing longstanding, vibrant clothing items to other up-and-coming Artists! It is our intent to provide you with the best quality Dye Sublimation products at the fairest prices. We always like to raise the bar for ourselves and come out with more high-quality apparel items featuring original art for our beloved supporters.

Our purpose and dreams are to help contribute to raising awareness through art and positive energy. To share and spread knowledge, love, and light. What we hope is to contribute to these ideas and representations of what we and many other cultures throughout time believe to be divine, thought provoking, and sacred. Thus these ideas should be shared and spread to help elevate a collective consciousness. We look to the past wisdom of ancient cultures for they understood more so about things we are only beginning to realize today, we long for the days when human kind and nature work in harmony and hold out hope that with spreading awareness that we can set forth manifesting these dreams into reality. We hope to spread these ideas in good light, to share and teach, to be shown and taught as well. We set forth on this journey with pure hearts and open minds, grateful for what we have in each other and in all of us, for we are one. We are all reflections of one another; we are like that of drops in a sea; rippling throughout eternity.

Through our combined talents we offer a wide variety of goods and services in the form of Production, Design, Visionary Art, and Body Modification. To inquire about custom work, collaborations, or any other questions, concerns, or comments please feel free to contact us at: